What's New in Android Agent 8.1

Core Android:

  • AAGNT-181460 - SSO Support with SAML User
  • AAGNT-181947 - Battery Management Changes
  • AAGNT-181938 - Capture Logging for Unintended Enterprise Wipes
  • AAGNT-181735 - Agent APIs for detecting & installing Managed App
  • AAGNT-177532 - Hold the enterprise reset command on agent if device battery level is 50% or less.
  • AAGNT-181399 - Support File hashing within Product provisioning in Android Agent
  • AAGNT-182096 - The admin should be able to associate a per app VPN profile to an app for Cisco Anyconnect, F5, Global Protect



Android Enterprise:

  • AAGNT-181759 -- Android Agent stays in the foreground until enrollment is complete in Device Owner mode
  • AAGNT-181658 -- support for app widgets in Work Profile mode
  • AAGNT-181657 -- Ability to restrict custom keyboards
  • AAGNT-181656 -- Silent certificate installs for WiFi configurations
  • AAGNT-181654 -- Enable AirWatch Launcher to leverage Lock Task mode
  • AAGNT-180852 -- Passcode policy more strongly enforced in Profile Owner mode on Android N+
  • AAGNT-180055 -- Retrieve information about a pending system update on Android O+
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