Linux Content Gateway 9.2 incompatible with CentOS 6.x OS versions


Recent changes introduced to accommodate SMB2 version support in Linux Content Gateway 9.2 require certain libraries which are not part of any CentOS 6.x OS versions. As a result, deployments of Linux Content Gateway 9.2 in CentOS 6.x versions are not currently supported.


Customer Impact

The following error may be present in the Content Gateway Endpoint logs if there is an incompatibility issue:

"01:14:46.606 [vert.x-eventloop-thread-1] 00867789412723979050 WARN  c.a.e.c.h.e.ContentGatewayRequestImpl - Error status code 500 for POST request with URI https://ContentEndpointURL/Content/RepositoryStructureHandler.ashx. Reason:

com.airwatch.enterprise.content.protocol.InternalServerErrorException: Process exited with code : -2147483648  at com.airwatch.enterprise.content.fileshare.AbstractFileShare.lambda$createNewProcessAndInvokeProcessClientRequest$12("


To verify the current CentOS version on the server, use the following command:

cat /etc/*release



An upgrade to CentOS 7.x OS versions is required prior to upgrading to Linux Content Gateway 9.2. The following should be taken into consideration prior to upgrading to CentOS 7.x OS versions:

  • It is recommended to backup or take a snapshot of the Linux servers which are to be upgraded prior to performing the upgrade.
  • Be advised there will be a downtime for end-users until the OS upgrade has been completed. If the server hosts both Tunnel and Content Gateway, there will be downtime associated for both services.
  • After the upgrade to CentOS version 7.x, the Linux Content Gateway will have to be reinstalled on the server. If the same server is in use for VMware Tunnel and Content Gateway, the VMware Tunnel software will also have to be reinstalled after upgrading to CentOS 7.x version.
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