Upcoming Access Changes to myAirWatch in December 2017

The myAirWatch portal will undergo a redesign in December 2017, changing the way that AirWatch Customers and Partners access documents and resources. 


What's Changing?

Beginning on 12/28/2017, most sections of myAirWatch will be publicly available and will no longer require account login for access. Sections that will be "unlocked" include:

  • Product Pages
  • Knowledge Base
  • Documentation
  • Install & Upgrade materials
  • Marketing

Any action that requires account login for access will be indicated with a lock Lock_Icon.jpg symbol. Actions that will require login include:

  • View/Open Support Requests
  • Download Software
  • Post in Community Forums
  • Edit Profile or Subscriptions


In order to log in, select the Log In button in the upper left corner, or select "log in" on any screen that requires you to do so.

Log_In_Button.jpg   or   Navigation_Log_In_Option.png

myAirWatch login will still be handled through My VMware or Partner Central.  For more information on how to log into your account, click here

Note: If you are logging in for the first time after these changes have gone live and encountering issues, please clear your browser's cache or try to load the page in another browser. To view the Japanese knowledge base section, log into your account and set the language to Japanese. 

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