Resolved/Known Issues for Windows Unified Agent Beta

Resolved Issues in 9.2.3

  • Running scripts in Admin context delegates AwWindowsIpc to run other scripts in admin context always
  • Devices are not switching from Staging to Production OG
  • USAA Bitlocker Profile failing to push to Win10 devices
  • Multiple icons get created in the system tray
  • Issues with DM commands not getting consumed on Windows 10 Desktop]
  • Enable Force Push on the Win32 agent repo
  • Update Unified agent to use FIPS compliant Algorithms
  • Staging fails intermittently due to IPC server connection time out
  • Few products are giving output same as system context when run in user context

Resolved Issues in 9.2.3 v2 

  • Win10 Device/User assignment does not work with VM serial numbers
  • Display Dell command update status
  • Configure DCM BIOS Attributes and System Properties in AirWatch Console
  • Handling BIOS payload with no configuration package

Known Issues


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