Recent changes to Data Loss Prevention settings in AirWatch Console


With the recent introduction of AirWatch Console 9.2.2, VMware AirWatch has implemented two changes specific to the Data Loss Prevention settings under Settings > Apps > Settings and Policies > Security Policies > Data Loss Prevention. 

The first of these changes was the renaming of "Enable Copy and Paste" to "Enable Copy and Paste Out". This setting allows users to copy something from a corporate/SDK application to a non-corporate application.

Alongside this name change, VMware AirWatch added an additional option to "Enable Copy and Paste Into". This setting prevents a user from copying something from a non-corporate application into a corporate/SDK application. It is important to note this option requires a future version of the SDK which has not yet been released. This article will be updated when the future SDK version, as well as the supported AirWatch application versions, have been released.


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