Introducing AirWatch 9.1.5

The VMware Workspace ONE team is excited to announce that AirWatch 9.1.5 is now publicly available and available for download in My Workspace ONE.

Software Delivery Notification

SDN # - AW_9.1.5

Release - 9.1

Review a list of added features and the bugs fixed in the latest release of AirWatch. For a PDF copy, please refer to our Resources documentation here

  • AAPP-3183: Fixed an issue where users could rate VPP applications in the app catalog but user ratings were removed from the console so admins could not remove reviews.
  • AAPP-2486: Resolved issue where "Authenticate with the target machine's directory credentials" setting in the macOS Network Profile does not allow devices to automatically manually join to the wireless network.
  • AAPP-3445: Fixed an issue where macOS the Agent Application page is set to Inherit only at the Global OG.
  • AAPP-3766: Fixed an issue where the system did not poll devices for a selective-app-list sample of versioned applications.
  • AAPP-3331: Fixed an issue caused by a DEP device picking up the device enrollment mode from the wrong organization group.
  • AAPP-4040: Enabled the ability to Skip Account Creation on macOS when Authentication is required on the DEP Profile UI.
  • AGGL-1764: Resolved an issue where Push Notification API was not working for Android devices.
  • AGGL-2475: Seeded Samsung ELM Service v3.4 in the Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Console
  • AGGL-2494: Seeded the latest MX Service in the Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Console.
  • AMST-3388: Fixed issue where a device's friendly name in the console displays as the UDID instead of the computer name when custom friendly name is disabled in the settings.
  • AMST-2852: Fixed an issue with Windows 10 certificate auto-renewal where certificates were not auto-renewed.
  • AMST-2681: Fixed an issue where Windows IoT devices unenrolled immediately when enrolling through the AirWatch Agent.
  • AMST-2808: Fixed an issue for the bulk processing service that caused profiles to queue for only a fraction of assigned devices.
  • AMST-3282: Fixed an issue for Windows Phone 8 devices where incorrect application identifiers were reported to the Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Console causing multiple install attempts.
  • AMST-4900: Seeded AirWatch Agent support into the 9.1.5 Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Console.
  • ARES-3635: Fixed an issue with two stored procedures, device-application-get-internal-app-info and get-application-detail-light, that were looped.
  • ARES-3603: Fixed an issue with profiles that were canvassing enrolled and un-enrolled devices to display a list of un-assigned devices.
  • ARES-3619: Fixed an issue where the system sent application configuration commands upon app publication when this option was disabled in the console.
  • ARES-3702: Fixed an issue where the bulk import service and the application publish scheduler task initiated simultaneously and caused a race condition by preventing the scheduler from accessing bulk import information while the import reconciles.
  • ARES-2864: Changed the functionality that triggers an application installation from the app catalog so that it uses a random session identifier.
  • ARES-3549: Fixed an issue where the system did not list profiles in the Profiles List View section of the Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Console.
  • CMCM-187338: Resolved and issue where NFS repositories cannot be accessed when a username is entered without the domain name.
  • CMCM-187023: Fixed an error where existing RFS configurations cannot be deleted on CNmain.
  • CMCM-187432: Fixed an issue where Remote Storage is enabled even when the Remote Storage inheritance settings are disabled in the parent OG.
  • CMCM-187235: Resolved an issue where iOS devices with Content Locker are unable to download personal content from RFS.
  • CMEM-183485: Resolved issue where the content type "application/x-msword" is not recognized in SEG.
  • CMSVC-3236: Resolved issue where REST API Call to 'Register Device for an Enrollment User' auto-triggers AirWatch Device Activation Notification.
  • CMSVC-3697: Resolved issue where user group throws Pending approval, and users are successfully added to the group after doing 'Add missing users' for other LDAP directory types.
  • CMSVC-2950: Updated the targeted logging framework to consider the ApplicationContext.DeviceID value for sample processing.
  • CMSVC-3748: Fixed an issue where the system sent Application Notification Messages without the configured content in the message body.
  • CMSVC-3046: Fixed an issue where removing an Enterprise Version criteria from a smart group caused the smart group to no longer update.
  • CMSVC-3868: Fixed an issue where devices were reporting an inaccurate security patch level back to the Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Console.
  • CMSVC-3644: Fixed an issue where directory users were not included in User List View when added at lower OG with DS configured at Global.
  • CMSVC-3767: Fixed an issue causing incorrect compliance status to display on iOS devices when device is in violation of policy.
  • CMSVC-3896: Resolved issue where, when SAML Auth is enabled, the response includes SAML data for admin settings.
  • CMSVC-3714: Fixed an issue that allowed an admin with a read-only role to edit a compliance policy from the device details page.
  • CMSVC-4086: Fixed an issue that allowed a device to be compliant despite having an app that appears on a vendor blacklist.
  • CMSVC-2634: Fixed an issue affecting token-based device enrollments where the asset number was not being returned to the console.
  • CRSVC-2046: Fixed an issue with the Windows 10 Phone Agent which was failing to acknowledge an enrollment.
  • CRSVC-1588: Fixed an issue where access to the REST API becomes disabled at random intervals.
  • CRSVC-2377: Fixed an issue preventing the use of the REST API to upload an expired certificate.
  • CRSVC-2365: Fixed an issue that was causing the Reports' Device Events page to time out.
  • CRSVC-2597: Fixed an issue where certificate-based authentication was failing for Android email clients.
  • ENS-558: Resolved an issue where the ENS installer fails with a JSON parse error when downloaded using Firefox browser.
  • FBI-177655: Fixed an issue where the Devices with Application and User Details report failed with a "Try Again" status.
  • FBI-177574: Fixed an issue with New Reports where the reports formatted the dates based on the server time and not the Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Console time.
  • FCA-183665: Fixed an issue causing user groups to be stuck in pending approval despite the number of changes being within the maximum allowable changes.
  • FCA-183032: Fixed an issue that was causing a failure to load the SSP landing page when certain role accesses were prohibited.
  • FCA-183060: Fixed an issue that was causing the settings audit feature to reveal changes at higher OG levels to Admins at lower OGs.
  • FCA-182899: Fixed an issue with the privacy policy on the 'About' link pointing to the wrong URL.
  • FCA-184422: Fixed an issue that was causing the Device List sort to fail on numerous column headers.
  • FDB-1002: Improved Device List View page loading times on CN500.
  • FDB-934: Optimized Product Provisioning Policy performance.
  • FDB-1031: Fixed an issue where the loading of summary pages for internal applications for assignments around 900K devices timed out due to the Application_LoadApplicationInstsallStatusSummary stored procedure taking longer than 30 seconds to execute.
  • FDB-1038: Fixed an issue where uploading and deploying new versions of internal applications to over 100K devices times out and where deleting retired applications fails.
  • FDB-1043: Resolved issue where Smart Group Assignment does not delete properly.
  • FDB-1053: Optimized "EnrollmentUser_Load_ByDeviceID" stored procedure.
  • FDB-1065: Improved performance of duplicate certificate purge process.
  • FDB-1056: Optimized "Device_SaveGPSLogEntry" stored procedure.
  • FDB-1054: Optimized the ApplicationList_Save stored procedure for better performance.
  • FDB-1034: Fixed a timing out issue with the API_InternalApplicationSearch stored procedure.
  • FDB-931: Corrected NetworkWLANSampleHistory_Delete version partition error.
  • FDB-1176: Fixed an issue where deleting an OG in the Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Console produced an error.
  • FSEC-182906: Enhanced the Knowledge Base article link behavior to open links in a new window.
  • GEM-413: Resolved issue where the select list for the INSERT statement contains more items than the insert list. Added backups for Windows Connector CAcerts to the AirWatch Installer.
  • PPAT-2125: Fixed an issue with the VMware Tunnel configured for NSX where the Security Group assignments for Safari for Apple iOS and macOS did not save.
  • RUGG-3583: Resolved connection issues between Zebra printers and the Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Console.
  • RUGG-2938: Fixed an issue where Dynamic Profile Product is taking wrong attribute value when attribute names are the same.
  • SAWCM-130: Resolved ACC connection failing intermittently.
  • CMEM-183844: Resolved issue where user could not upload local SSL cert using the Windows Installer.
  • SINST-174486: Resolved an issue where the AirWatch Installer password is shown in plain text when the AirWatch certificate installation fails.
  • SINST-174572: Added Windows Connector Installer support for AirWatch v9.1.
  • SINST-174420: Added Google Play Proxy data to the AirWatch Installer Package.
  • SINST-174583: Removed password from the error prompt and log for Certificate Installer when using Windows Authentication.
  • SINST-174334: Updated all AirWatch product installer EULAs.
  • SINST-174597: Updated queuesetup.exe.config in the Supplemental Software folder.
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