Introducing AirWatch 9.1.5

The VMware AirWatch team is excited to announce that AirWatch 9.1.5 is now publicly available and available for download in myAirWatch.

Software Delivery Notification

SDN # - AW_9.1.5

Release - 9.1

Review a list of added features and the bugs fixed in the latest release of AirWatch. For a PDF copy, please refer to our Resources documentation here

  • AAPP-3183: Fixed an issue where users could rate VPP applications in the app catalog but user ratings were removed from the console so admins could not remove reviews.
  • AAPP-2486: Resolved issue where "Authenticate with the target machine's directory credentials" setting in the macOS Network Profile does not allow devices to automatically manually join to the wireless network.
  • AAPP-3445: Fixed an issue where macOS the Agent Application page is set to Inherit only at the Global OG.
  • AAPP-3766: Fixed an issue where the system did not poll devices for a selective-app-list sample of versioned applications.
  • AAPP-3331: Fixed an issue caused by a DEP device picking up the device enrollment mode from the wrong organization group.
  • AAPP-4040: Enabled the ability to Skip Account Creation on macOS when Authentication is required on the DEP Profile UI.
  • AGGL-1764: Resolved an issue where Push Notification API was not working for Android devices.
  • AGGL-2475: Seeded Samsung ELM Service v3.4 in the AirWatch Console
  • AGGL-2494: Seeded the latest MX Service in the AirWatch Console.
  • AMST-3388: Fixed issue where a device's friendly name in the console displays as the UDID instead of the computer name when custom friendly name is disabled in the settings.
  • AMST-2852: Fixed an issue with Windows 10 certificate auto-renewal where certificates were not auto-renewed.
  • AMST-2681: Fixed an issue where Windows IoT devices unenrolled immediately when enrolling through the AirWatch Agent.
  • AMST-2808: Fixed an issue for the bulk processing service that caused profiles to queue for only a fraction of assigned devices.
  • AMST-3282: Fixed an issue for Windows Phone 8 devices where incorrect application identifiers were reported to the AirWatch Console causing multiple install attempts.
  • AMST-4900: Seeded AirWatch Agent support into the 9.1.5 AirWatch Console.
  • ARES-3635: Fixed an issue with two stored procedures, device-application-get-internal-app-info and get-application-detail-light, that were looped.
  • ARES-3603: Fixed an issue with profiles that were canvassing enrolled and un-enrolled devices to display a list of un-assigned devices.
  • ARES-3619: Fixed an issue where the system sent application configuration commands upon app publication when this option was disabled in the console.
  • ARES-3702: Fixed an issue where the bulk import service and the application publish scheduler task initiated simultaneously and caused a race condition by preventing the scheduler from accessing bulk import information while the import reconciles.
  • ARES-2864: Changed the functionality that triggers an application installation from the app catalog so that it uses a random session identifier.
  • ARES-3549: Fixed an issue where the system did not list profiles in the Profiles List View section of the AirWatch Console.
  • CMCM-187338: Resolved and issue where NFS repositories cannot be accessed when a username is entered without the domain name.
  • CMCM-187023: Fixed an error where existing RFS configurations cannot be deleted on CNmain.
  • CMCM-187432: Fixed an issue where Remote Storage is enabled even when the Remote Storage inheritance settings are disabled in the parent OG.
  • CMCM-187235: Resolved an issue where iOS devices with Content Locker are unable to download personal content from RFS.
  • CMEM-183485: Resolved issue where the content type "application/x-msword" is not recognized in SEG.
  • CMSVC-3236: Resolved issue where REST API Call to 'Register Device for an Enrollment User' auto-triggers AirWatch Device Activation Notification.
  • CMSVC-3697: Resolved issue where user group throws Pending approval, and users are successfully added to the group after doing 'Add missing users' for other LDAP directory types.
  • CMSVC-2950: Updated the targeted logging framework to consider the ApplicationContext.DeviceID value for sample processing.
  • CMSVC-3748: Fixed an issue where the system sent Application Notification Messages without the configured content in the message body.
  • CMSVC-3046: Fixed an issue where removing an Enterprise Version criteria from a smart group caused the smart group to no longer update.
  • CMSVC-3868: Fixed an issue where devices were reporting an inaccurate security patch level back to the AirWatch Console.
  • CMSVC-3644: Fixed an issue where directory users were not included in User List View when added at lower OG with DS configured at Global.
  • CMSVC-3767: Fixed an issue causing incorrect compliance status to display on iOS devices when device is in violation of policy.
  • CMSVC-3896: Resolved issue where, when SAML Auth is enabled, the response includes SAML data for admin settings.
  • CMSVC-3714: Fixed an issue that allowed an admin with a read-only role to edit a compliance policy from the device details page.
  • CMSVC-4086: Fixed an issue that allowed a device to be compliant despite having an app that appears on a vendor blacklist.
  • CMSVC-2634: Fixed an issue affecting token-based device enrollments where the asset number was not being returned to the console.
  • CRSVC-2046: Fixed an issue with the Windows 10 Phone Agent which was failing to acknowledge an enrollment.
  • CRSVC-1588: Fixed an issue where access to the REST API becomes disabled at random intervals.
  • CRSVC-2377: Fixed an issue preventing the use of the REST API to upload an expired certificate.
  • CRSVC-2365: Fixed an issue that was causing the Reports' Device Events page to time out.
  • CRSVC-2597: Fixed an issue where certificate-based authentication was failing for Android email clients.
  • ENS-558: Resolved an issue where the ENS installer fails with a JSON parse error when downloaded using Firefox browser.
  • FBI-177655: Fixed an issue where the Devices with Application and User Details report failed with a "Try Again" status.
  • FBI-177574: Fixed an issue with New Reports where the reports formatted the dates based on the server time and not the AirWatch Console time.
  • FCA-183665: Fixed an issue causing user groups to be stuck in pending approval despite the number of changes being within the maximum allowable changes.
  • FCA-183032: Fixed an issue that was causing a failure to load the SSP landing page when certain role accesses were prohibited.
  • FCA-183060: Fixed an issue that was causing the settings audit feature to reveal changes at higher OG levels to Admins at lower OGs.
  • FCA-182899: Fixed an issue with the privacy policy on the 'About' link pointing to the wrong URL.
  • FCA-184422: Fixed an issue that was causing the Device List sort to fail on numerous column headers.
  • FDB-1002: Improved Device List View page loading times on CN500.
  • FDB-934: Optimized Product Provisioning Policy performance.
  • FDB-1031: Fixed an issue where the loading of summary pages for internal applications for assignments around 900K devices timed out due to the Application_LoadApplicationInstsallStatusSummary stored procedure taking longer than 30 seconds to execute.
  • FDB-1038: Fixed an issue where uploading and deploying new versions of internal applications to over 100K devices times out and where deleting retired applications fails.
  • FDB-1043: Resolved issue where Smart Group Assignment does not delete properly.
  • FDB-1053: Optimized "EnrollmentUser_Load_ByDeviceID" stored procedure.
  • FDB-1065: Improved performance of duplicate certificate purge process.
  • FDB-1056: Optimized "Device_SaveGPSLogEntry" stored procedure.
  • FDB-1054: Optimized the ApplicationList_Save stored procedure for better performance.
  • FDB-1034: Fixed a timing out issue with the API_InternalApplicationSearch stored procedure.
  • FDB-931: Corrected NetworkWLANSampleHistory_Delete version partition error.
  • FDB-1176: Fixed an issue where deleting an OG in the AirWatch Console produced an error.
  • FSEC-182906: Enhanced the Knowledge Base article link behavior to open links in a new window.
  • GEM-413: Resolved issue where the select list for the INSERT statement contains more items than the insert list. Added backups for Windows Connector CAcerts to the AirWatch Installer.
  • PPAT-2125: Fixed an issue with the VMware Tunnel configured for NSX where the Security Group assignments for Safari for Apple iOS and macOS did not save.
  • RUGG-3583: Resolved connection issues between Zebra printers and the AirWatch Console.
  • RUGG-2938: Fixed an issue where Dynamic Profile Product is taking wrong attribute value when attribute names are the same.
  • SAWCM-130: Resolved ACC connection failing intermittently.
  • CMEM-183844: Resolved issue where user could not upload local SSL cert using the Windows Installer.
  • SINST-174486: Resolved an issue where the AirWatch Installer password is shown in plain text when the AirWatch certificate installation fails.
  • SINST-174572: Added Windows Connector Installer support for AirWatch v9.1.
  • SINST-174420: Added Google Play Proxy data to the AirWatch Installer Package.
  • SINST-174583: Removed password from the error prompt and log for Certificate Installer when using Windows Authentication.
  • SINST-174334: Updated all AirWatch product installer EULAs.
  • SINST-174597: Updated queuesetup.exe.config in the Supplemental Software folder.
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