Action required for VMware Identity Manager customers: VMware Identity Manager 3.0 needed prior to AirWatch Console 9.2 upgrade

With the release of AirWatch 9.2, VMware AirWatch has introduced new MDM API framework updates. These updates, included in AirWatch 9.2, require code changes on the VMware Identity Manager side. In order to account for this, these code changes are added into VMware Identity Manager 3.0.

For the Workspace ONE app and Identity Manager to continue to work, it is required to upgrade to VMware Identity Manager 3.0 prior to upgrading to AirWatch Console 9.2.

Note: VMware Identity Manager 3.0 is backwards compatible with AirWatch Console 9.1+. Please see the VMware Product Interoperability Matrix for details regarding version support.

For additional information, please refer to the VMware KB article on Upgrading to VMware Identity Manager 3.0.

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