Introducing VMware AirWatch® MDM Agent 6.4 for Windows Mobile

The VMware AirWatch® team is excited to announce that AirWatch MDM Agent 6.4 for Windows Mobile is publicly available.

What’s New in this App Version

  • WMAGNT-3455: Certificate pinning and verification (by default, this is disabled).
  • WMAGNT-3212: File hashing for download integrity.
  • WMAGNT-3364: Advanced Job Logging for better troubleshooting of Product Provisioning.

Bugs Fixed in this App Version

  • WMAGNT-3020: File Action download condition not working as expected with only a start time set.
  • WMAGNT-3213: Failed product download files remain on persistence device store.
  • WMAGNT-3327: Trigger SDK API is not returning when device date is set to a future date.
  • WMAGNT-3388: Agent fails to terminate application properly and send job status for uninstall action.
  • WMAGNT-3463: Sideloaded Packages lack option to include Pin Based Encryption (PBE).
  • WMAGNT-3468: UDID related info not preserved in AirWatch-Key.reg backup file.
  • WMAGNT-3497: Wi-Fi icon displays as disconnected under launcher screen on Intermec and Honeywell incorrectly.
  • WMAGNT-3499: Product downloads fast failing due to lack of delay between retries.
  • WMAGNT-3511: Various Sonar detected issues.
  • WMAGNT-3522: Security: Agent should set Certificate validation by default.
  • WMAGNT-3565: Agent upgrade package not deleted from the temp folder after agent upgrade is successful.
  • WMAGNT-3574: Update OpenSSL to 1.02l.
  • WMAGNT-3591: WinCE agent is reporting valid IP after USB Modem is disconnected.
  • WMAGNT-3661: Decrypted credentials.bin file should be removed from cache folder.
  • WMAGNT-3668: Agent is not logging details when it fails to remove failed product from registry.
  • WMAGNT-3679: Windows start up shortcut is removed from the device homepage after launcher is installed.
  • WMAGNT-3708: Agent should not start the enrollment process if network is not available.
  • WMAGNT-3709: SSL cert not installing silently on MC32NO device running non-English OS.
  • WMAGNT-3734: Add support to hide all taskbars on Launcher.
  • WMAGNT-3735: Logs should display the location from which new keys are being fetched for SSL pinning.
  • WMAGNT-3742: Agent “downloadAttemptNo” is incorrect on download retry.
  • WMAGNT-3743: Enrollment is stuck on validate group identifier step when invalid token is provided.
  • WMAGNT-3746: Launcher loops on Honeywell 70E Dolphin devices.
  • WMAGNT-3747: Public cert key and the fetched key are truncated in the awservice log file.
  • WMAGNT-3749: PinnedCertKeys cache file is not being deleted after enterprise wipe when retain executables are enabled.
  • WMAGNT-3753: Incorrect error logged when certificate not uploaded.
  • WMAGNT-3762: Add warm boot support to AWScript.
  • WMAGNT-3763: Unable to push the public key through CA on device since the character limit on console is 255.
  • WMAGNT-3764: Auto Discovery key via F/A.
  • WMAGNT-3767: First Letter on the extracted files and folders are truncated.
  • WMAGNT-3772: Update AD Key in the code.
  • WMAGNT-3773: Add Aetherpal version as part of a default Custom Attribute.
  • WMAGNT-3776: Agent fails to retrieve auxiliary pinned keys from device service.
  • WMAGNT-3779: Agent fails to communicate with server after enterprise reset.
  • WMAGNT-3798: Application Manager crash.
  • WMAGNT-3816: Appgroup name is not deleted on the registry when it is deleted from SDK API.
  • WMAGNT-3867: Job Log Level Custom Attribute won't get updated in console after MigrateCA.
  • WMAGNT-3868: Wi-Fi icon displays as disconnected under Launcher screen for WinCE OS 5.
  • WMAGNT-3869: AWCM crash on device when an invalid certificate is uploaded for AWCM host under SSL Pinning page.
  • WMAGNT-3870: File path is missing in the job log when the file is not present in Relay server.
  • WMAGNT-3873: When you override job log level to the same existing level, the agent reports an error.
  • WMAGNT-3874: Unable to install AirWatch agent on MC32N0 that has Chinese OS.

Known Issue

Customer Impact

Take advantage of these updates by meeting the minimum requirements and downloading AirWatch MDM Agent 6.4 for Windows Mobile.

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows Mobile 5.0 and higher or Windows CE 5+

How to Download AirWatch MDM Agent 6.4 for Windows Mobile

  • Prior Version is Installed: If you have a prior version of AirWatch Windows Mobile MDM Agent installed on your device, you will need to upgrade your existing agent (please reference the Windows Mobile Platform guide for specific instructions on performing this if needed).
  • Prior Version is Not Installed: If you do not have a prior version of AirWatch Windows Mobile MDM Agent installed on your device, you can access it the following ways.
    • SaaS customers: Through the AirWatch Console via web based enrollment, a side load cab file from the console, or using the Staging methods (Sideload Staging, Barcode Enrollment: Motorola devices only, On-Demand) located under the product provisioning section. See the user guide for further details.
    • On Premises Customers: Download it from the Ask Resource Portal.

Support Contact Information

To open a Support Request, please call your local AirWatch support line or submit a Support Request via myAirWatch.


Best Regards,

The AirWatch Team

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