[Resolved] CMCM-187355: User repository creation may fail on devices

Version Identified

AirWatch Console 9.1.4, 9.2






Upon creating a user repository and assigning it to a child organization group, the repository may disppear from Content Locker. An error message might display stating:

"The operation could not be completed. (BadRequestURL error 400)".



As a workaround as well as to prevent assigning the repository to other users/devices, perform the following:

  1. In the AirWatch Console, change your current organization group to the same one you want to assign to the repository.
  2. Navigate to the Automatic Templates page, and create a new template with the desired link and settings. The assigned organization group should default to the organization group where you are.
  3. Save this template.
  4. Force close and re-open the Content Locker application.
  5. Confirm the repository remains in Content Locker on the device and users are able to access their files.


Fix Versions

This has been resolved in AirWatch Console 9.2.2.

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