How can I enable User Opt Out on Android?

Apteligent provides an opt-out setting that disables all reporting to Apteligent. This allows developers to implement code that asks end users whether they want to opt out of Apteligent. 

Certain app users might want to opt out of Apteligent logging and tracking. Apteligent provides a static opt-out status setting that disables all app reporting to Apteligent. This feature is optional. If used, developers must implement the code that prompts the app user to select whether or not to opt out. If a user has opted out, their instance of the app will not report any activity back to Apteligent.

getOptOutStatus ()

Retrieve current opt out status.


public static boolean getOptOutStatus()

Return Value

Return True if the user has opted out of reporting Crittercism data.


setOptOutStatus (isOptedOut)

If you wish to offer your users the ability to opt out of Crittercism crash reporting, you can set the OptOutStatus to True. There will be no information/requests sent from that user’s app. If you do so, any pending crash reports will be purged.

Typically, a developer would connect this API call to a checkbox in a settings menu.


public static void setOptOutStatus(final boolean isOptedOut)


status     set to True to disable Crittercism


Note: The setOptOutStatus method should be invoked after Apteligent is initialized to get the expected results. This order is important. 

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