Setting up Apteligent for Development versus Production Environments

Apteligent is an effective tool at collecting information about your app's performance, but sometimes you want to separate out data from your development environment where your app is crashing a lot more (probably) versus your production release app versions that show how your app is performing for end-users.

To effectively separate this data perform the following steps:

  1. Register an Apteligent App for both with different names; such as with a suffix (ex: "MyApp - Dev" and "MyApp - Prod"). 
  2. Create a way to change the App IDs for the above registered apps at compile time (for compiled languages) depending on build variables. Example:
    if (BUILD == "Release") then use "Prod" AppID; if (BUILD == "Debug") then use "Dev" AppID
  3. Enable Apteligent with the normal configurations you already had set or make specific configurations depending on build.

Once you've performed the previous steps you should be able to quickly discern between development builds and production builds without worrying about corrupting your production data. 

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