FAQ: New Relic Integrations

How do I get the New Relic Integration?
The integration is available on github​The overview can be found here.
What is the default look back and how do I change this?
The default setting is to upload events to NR every 15 minutes and you can change this by setting LOOKBACK_MINUTES = xx (in minutes) when running the upload script.
Why am I getting the error message “crittercism.models.MalformedRequestException: ... 'You provided invalid/malformed request parameters"?
The username/password are passed to the script using BASH environment variables. If you have BASH special characters such as “>” or “$”, be sure to put “” around the entire string (CR_PASSWORD=”<YOUR_PASSWORD>”) or escape the character by using “\” in front.
How to find my NR Insert Key?
See section on Register an API key.
What happens if you pulled data from a different app?
The local bookkeeping will ensure no duplicate data or data from a different app pollutes the data in the NR app. In other words, they will not be uploaded to NR unless you upload them to a different NR app.
What is NR Insights?
It is made up of:
  1. Non Indexed Events database: stores your data in the cloud and add any number of custom attributes.
  2. New Relic Query Language: Use the NRQL to make calls or event queries
  3. Insights API: Add custom attributes and events to the events database via the API
  4. Insights Dashboard: Represent data quickly and clearly with the dashboard interface
Why am I missing datapoints in NR dashboard after upload/why am I experiencing delay in uploading to my NR app?
This is because NR upload supports up to 1000 events per upload. You will see a similar message below after running script:

Events ready: 4605
Posting events to New Relic num_events: 4605
chunk_size: 1000
Posting chunk to New Relic length: 1000

Eventually everything will be processed and you will see your data in NR dashboard. This depends on how big your upload is, so please be patient during this process. 


Can I test this without uploading anything at first?

Yes. You may perform a dry run without upload by running:

./new_relic_connector.py upload <CR_APP_ID>
What type of data is collected?  
App Load 
  • Timestamp
  • App ID
  • Device
  • OS Version
  • Hash
  • Name
  • App Type
  • Cr App ID
  • Timestamp
  • App ID
  • Reason
  • Unsymbolized Hash
  • Version
  • First Occurred
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