How to disable Service Monitoring for iOS

Default values set for monitorNSURLConnection, monitorNSURLSession, monitorUIWebView and enableServiceMonitoring can be found in Crittercismconfig.h as part of the Apteligent iOS SDK. 

@property (assign) BOOL monitorNSURLConnection; (default = YES) 

@property (assign) BOOL monitorNSURLSession; (default = YES) 

@property (assign) BOOL monitorUIWebView; (default = NO) 

@property (assign) BOOL enableServiceMonitoring; (default = YES) 


If you would like to change the default setting or disable Service Monitoring, you may do so in the AppDelegate.m in a similar fashion as below: 

CrittercismConfig *config = [CrittercismConfig defaultConfig]; 

config.monitorNSURLSession = NO; 

config.monitorUIWebView = NO; 

config.monitorNSURLConnection = NO; 

config.enableServiceMonitoring = NO; 


[Crittercism enableWithAppID:@"APP_ID" andConfig:config];

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