How do I include NDK support?

First download the Android Library with NDK support (see Apteligent’s Downloads section for the library). If you've already successfully installed and initialized the Apteligent Android Library without NDK support, this may look familiar: 

Install Crittercism Jar

  1. Create a folder called "libs" in your project (if not already there).
  2. Copy the Crittercism jar with NDK support to the "libs" (Note: this should replace the previous Crittercism jar)
  3. If you are compiling with Eclipse, you may need to refresh your project.


Initialize the Critters

Adding NDK reports to your app is as simple as a few configuration changes and uploading NDK symbols to your Android app in the Apteligent Portal.

You only need to add this import and init once in your code. In the top of your main activity - the same activity as your android.intent.action.MAIN intent filter - the init will go within your onCreate function. 

Now you've completed the code integration. Next you'll need to add the symbols for your application by following documentation here.

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