Memcached Enablement

Memcached is a caching solution that can integrate with database driven webpages much like VMware AirWatch. Memcached works by keeping information that is frequently called by the application in the RAM for quick access and return versus making calls to the database to pull that information each time. The primary purpose of Memcached is to increase performance on both the application servers making the calls and the database which as a result will receive significantly less calls. VMware AirWatch recommends that customers over 5,000 devices start taking advantage of Memcached in order to gain the most out of the VMware AirWatch solution and the architecture recommendations that are presented in the Recommended Architecture Guide.

Please see the below matrix for any concerns with configuration of Memcached in your environment. For any versions that require a script to enable please reach out to VMware AirWatch support for creation of the required database script.   

Version Enabled by Default Requires Database Script


Support Contact Information

Please note that if you are experiencing performance issues to reach out to VMware AirWatch support as additional analysis is required to ensure that Memcached will fully resolve any performance based issues.

To open a Support Request, please call your local support line or submit a Support Request via My Workspace ONE.

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The VMware Workspace ONE Team

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