How do I integrate PagerDuty with Apteligent?

Using Apteligent's PagerDuty integration, an alert from Apteligent will automatically trigger an incident in PagerDuty so customers can take advantage of PagerDuty's schedule management, alert, and incident tracking system.

Here's how you can take advantage of this integration in under five minutes:

  1. Go to Alert Center > Alert Integrations > Add Integration
  2. Select PagerDuty as the Integration type and give your new Alert Integration a custom name. For example, "PD Integration." 
  3. To get the service key for the integration, you need to create a new service in your PagerDuty account. Log into your PagerDuty account and create a new service by going to the Services Tab and clicking "+ Add New Service".
  4. Create a new Service: 
    • Name your Integration
    • Select an Escalation Policy
    • Select Apteligent under Integration > Select a Tool as the Integration Type
    • Click Add Service
  5. Copy your "Service API Key" in the Apteligent Alert Integration
  6. Go back to the Apteligent and paste that Service API Key in the Service Key field and click Create Integration

To see it in action, create an Alert and assign it to the PagerDuty Integration you have just created. 


For additional information, watch the video below:

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