What are Automatic Breadcrumbs?

This feature allows customers to get additional information about their apps without requiring additional code changes. Following are the data points available: 

  • Handled Exceptions​​
  • App Background/Foreground
    • "App foregrounded"
    • "App backgrounded"
  • Network Breadcrumbs
    • URL
    • Request type
    • Latency
    • HTTP Status
    • Bytes in/Bytes out
  • Network Connectivity Changes
    • "Internet connection UP"
    • "Internet connection DOWN"
    • "XX (Connectivity State) connectivity gained"
    • "Switching from XX (Connectivity State) to XX (Connectivity State)"
  • Connectivity States
    • Unknown
    • Disconnected
    • 2G
    • 3G
    • EDGE
    • GPRS
    • LTE
    • Wi-Fi
  • UIView Loads (and View Names)
    • (Name of the View) is being activated
    • (Name of the View) is being deactivated
    • Example: “RecipeActivity is being activated”
  • App Launched
    • “Session Start”
  • Apple Watch Communication
    • handleWatchKitExtensionRequest 

Note: iOS Connectivity states are limited to Wi-Fi and cellular (limitation of iOS).

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