How are App Loads counted?

App Loads differs for each platform due to either a standard event not being present or platform constraints:

  • Android: The App Load metrics are for cold starts only (no standard warm start event available).
  • iOS: The App Load counts both cold and warm starts.
  • HTML5: The App Load metrics are for each page load (app context doesn't have a standard concept of warm/cold starts).

Cold start: also known as hard start, is starting your app from a completely shut down state. You load the application without a previous process in a sleep/slumber state.

Warm start: or a soft start, is nothing more than restarting the process - you don't shut down or kill the process, you use the operating system to reactivate the process of a slumber.

We report the crashes with each App Load while device is online, meaning the application should be in the Foreground (while having internet connectivity) since we initialized in didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method. An application running in the background is not considered as App Load from our perspective. 

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