KB Digest for the week of October 9th 2017

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Posted on October 16th, 2017


Product Announcements

Introducing VMware AirWatch® Boxer 4.8.1 for Android

Introducing VMware AirWatch® App Wrapping Engine 5.4.2 for iOS and Android

Introducing VMware® Browser 6.9 for Android

Legacy Reports installer removed from AirWatch 9.2 installer package

VMware Browser now available in the Apple App Store

Introducing VMware Browser 6.5.1 for iOS

End of Support for Oracle database in VMware Identity Manager

Introducing VMware Content Locker 4.9.1 for iOS


Known Issues

SaaS customers unable to access new Custom Reports introduced in 9.2

Certain versions of the Jeppesen FD Pro app falsely flagging iOS 10.3+ devices are Compromised

PPAT-2534: Android for Work applications are not showing up in device traffic rules for VMware Tunnel

ISDK-170050: Integrated Authentication may stop working after upgrading to VMware Browser 6.5 for iOS - Resolved in Browser 6.5.1

ISDK-170059: AirWatch iOS Browser 6.5 fails to load properly with the error message "Unable to initialize due to missing profile" - Resolved in Browser 6.5.1

ISDK-170065: AirWatch Browser loses Bookmarks and Homepage settings when upgraded to 6.5 - Resolved in Browser 6.5.1

AAGNT-181955: Certificate authentication issues impacting AirWatch Agent v8.0 for Android with Samsung Knox

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