Certain versions of the Jeppesen FD Pro app falsely flagging iOS 10.3+ devices are Compromised

Version Identified

Jeppesen FD Pro 3.0-3.0.2



Certain versions of the Jeppesen FD Pro application (JeppFD Pro 3.0-3.0.2) incorporate versions of the iOS SDK prior to, which is incompatible with iOS 10.3+. As a result, when the Boeing ONS setting is enabled in the application, the device may be incorrectly marked as Compromised and Enterprise Wiped if Compromised Protection is enabled in the AirWatch Console.



A current workaround is to disable Compromised Protection under All Settings > Apps > Settings & Policies > Security Policies, and advise users not to enable the Boeing ONS setting in the application.


Fix Versions

We have informed Jeppesen of the issue and this article will be updated once we confirm a resolution. If you have a Jeppesen contact you may wish to reach out directly to Jeppesen to learn more details around the status of this issue.

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