[Resolved] AAGNT-181955: Certificate authentication issues impacting AirWatch Agent v8.0 for Android with Samsung Knox

Version Identified

AirWatch Agent 8.0 for Android




The latest release of AirWatch Agent 8.0 affects certificates residing in the Samsung Knox container.  Certificates are not reported to the AirWatch Console correctly, which causes the certificates to be revoked.  Once certificates are revoked, end users lose access to any services that use certificate-based authentication, such as Email, VPN, Wi-Fi, etc.

Customer Impact

Users who are using certificate-based authentication inside of a Samsung Knox container may experience loss of access to those services after upgrading to AirWatch Agent 8.0.  Agent 8.0 was released to 30% of users on the Google Play Store, but has since been halted to avoid additional users receiving the update.

Fix Versions

This issue has been resolved with an updated build for the Android Agent 8.0.

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