Android Launcher 3.3 Beta - Resolved/Known Issues

Resolved Issues

• ALAU-170012 - App hangs when pasting long text on edit text
• ALAU-170011 - Ignore force-stop blacklisting for playstore and android settings
• ALAU-170010 - Launcher crashed while removing the launcher profile from Agent and hit back button.
• ALAU-170009 - 'Language and Input' access is blocked on Android O device.
• ALAU-170008 - Lock screen message not displayed after restart
• ALAU-169999 - Launcher stuck in waiting for profile state intermittently on profile delete and re-push
• ALAU-169799 - Set passcode screen for launcher is seen after the passcode is set as well
• ALAU-169897 - Launcher 3.2 is not getting configured on Android O - due to sdk

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