Introducing AirWatch 9.0.6

The VMware AirWatch team is excited to announce that AirWatch 9.0.6 is now publicly available.  

This release is now available for download on myAirWatch.

Software Delivery Notification

SDN # - AW_9.0.6

Release - 9.0

Whats New?

  • AW API Root certificate which is used as root/authority in generating API client certificate for expiring certificates. 

Work Items Addressed

  • AGGL-1743-Fixed an issue where restrictions were not being applied on Samsung devices with geofencing enabled.
  • ARES-3323-Fixed an issue where an admin could not assign an internal application due to a time out during the Save and Publish function.
  • CMCM-187105-Fixed an issue where the 'Sync Current Folder' under Corporate File Servers in the console did not sync files, when the same files were already synced in Content Locker.
  • CMCM-187338-Fixed an issue where NFS repositories could not be accessed when the domain name was not entered as part of the username.
  • CMCM-187272-Fixed an issue where the Enterprise Content category stored procedure was having timeout errors and the device ID was not populated.
  • CMSVC-2833-Fixed an issue that caused the user group synchronization process to time out.
  • CRSVC-2046-Fixed an issue affecting Windows 10 Phone Agent that was not recognizing a complete device enrollment.
  • CRSVC-845-Fixed an issue where an install-application event was continuously firing for all held commands for internal applications and this caused a delay in batch job creations.
  • FBI-177557-Fixed an issue with the App Details by Device report that was displaying old versions of applications that had been uninstalled from the device.
  • FDB-931-Fixed a partition version error in the NetworkWLANSampleHistory_Delete stored procedure.

Installation Procedure

Use the following step-by-step instructions to apply a feature pack or other patch to your version of AirWatch.

Important:  Contact AirWatch if your SEG is on the same server as your AirWatch Admin Console or Device Services servers for instructions on how to proceed.

  1. Consider retaining *.exe installation files in case there are issues.
  2. Stop all the AirWatch services and websites on AirWatch Admin Console and Device Services servers.
  3. Back up your AirWatch Application Servers and AirWatch Database.
  4. Obtain the AirWatch_Application_9.0._FPXX_Install.exe and AirWatch_Database_9.0_FPXX_Setup.exe files from AirWatch Resources ( These are the full installer files, which you run on your servers to apply the upgrade.
  5. Execute the AirWatch_Application_9.0_FPXX_Install.exe by right-clicking and running as administrator on each Console and Device Services server up until the point where all application servers state "IIS and all services are now stopped. Please upgrade your AirWatch database using the provided script", then immediately proceed to the next step.
  6. Run the AirWatch_Database_9.0_FPXX_Setup.exe executable on the AirWatch database server.
  7. Finish running the installers on each Console and Device Services server.
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