Certificate update required for on-premise customers leveraging Advanced Remote Management v4.0+


A certificate for communication between the Advanced Remote Management Server v4.0+ and end-user devices will expire on October 4th, 2017. This expiration means that all new devices attempting to enroll into Advanced Remote Management v4.0+ after October 3rd will fail to enroll with the Advanced Remote Management Server.

This certificate will be replaced for SaaS customers. Any customers using an on-premise instance of Advanced Remote Management Server v4.0+ must install the new certificate before October 3rd.

To prevent issues with your Advanced Remote Management v4.0+ deployment, you must install the new client enrollment certificate on the Advanced Remote Management Server.

Summary of process:

  1. Download the Advanced Remote Management Service Cert Update Package from the Resource Portal.
  2. Install the AirWatch client certificate on the Advanced Remote Management Server.
  3. Grant IIS AppPool “Mgmtwebsite” access to a certificate in certificate store to enroll the device.
  4. Copy the .p7b certificate to “C:\inetpub\wwwroot\AetherPal\MgmtServices\App_Data\”.
  5. Update the certificate thumbprint on the Admin web portal under the Default service configuration table.
  6. Remove the previous AirWatch enrollment certificate.
  7. Validate the environment.

For a full description of all these steps, including screenshots for each step, please follow the Full Advanced Remote Management Service cert update guide included in the Update Package.

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