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Posted on October 2nd, 2017


Product Announcements

Certificate update required for on-premise customers leveraging Remote Management v4.0+

Introducing AirWatch® Inbox 3.4.2 for iOS

Introducing VMware AirWatch® Agent 1.2.6 for Windows 10

Introducing VMware AirWatch® Agent 5.5.3 for iOS

Introducing VMware AirWatch® Boxer v4.7.2 for iOS

Introducing VMware AirWatch® Container 2.5.2 for iOS

Introducing VMware AirWatch® Windows Unified Agent 9.2

Introducing VMware Browser 6.2.4 for iOS

Introducing VMware Content Locker 4.9 for iOS

Introducing VMware® Workspace ONE 3.1.1 for iOS

Maintenance notification for SaaS customers utilizing RMS 4.1 - 10/01/2017


Known Issues

AAPP-3993: Restricting Touch ID to unlock device fails on iOS 11

AEC-184171: AirWatch Inbox may crash after enabling Caller ID from device on iOS 11

BINXA-5827: Boxer application crashes on OnePlus devices for IMAP and/or POP3 accounts

GDIAG-222: Logging functionality update could cause high CPU usage on large On-Premise environments - Resolved

ISCL-175820: Unable to export from Office to Content Locker using app extension


Device Management

AirWatch 9.2 introduces anonymous data collection and analytics

iOS 11 & Wi-Fi TLS 1.2 Requirements


Support Policies & Procedures

Mobility Support Policies

Partner Login to myAirWatch


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