AirWatch 9.2: Changes to the App assignment workflow

AirWatch 9.2 brings the long anticipated Flexible Deployment workflow to Public and VPP applications. Flexible deployments allows admins to create multiple App Deployment Parameter (ADP) settings and assign them to different Smart Groups all in the same app record. This eliminates the need to create separate app records in order to deploy different ADP settings to different smart groups.

This new workflow means that admins will need to modify the existing workflows for their Mobile Application Management (MAM) use cases. Specifically, the Application Assignment workflow will now only be supported in the Flex Deployment workflow, and will not be available from the Smart Group assignment workflow.

When selecting a Smart Group from the List view available at Groups & Settings > Groups > Assignment Groups, and then selecting the Assign button, admins will no longer see the option to assign applications. The workflow Smart Group workflow can still be used to assign Profiles, and Compliance policies.


The new Flex deployment workflow for MAM offers greater flexibility, an better user experience, and a more straightforward and easier to use application management solution.


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