Known Issues - Boxer Lotus Notes Traveler

Boxer supports IBM Notes Traveler v9.0.1 with this beta.

Traveler integration in Boxer provides feature parity for email, calendar and contacts at or beyond with what was provided by the AirWatch Inbox application, and is comparable to the feature and capabilities supported in mail, calendar and contacts applications leveraging the ActiveSync protocol. 

The following sections covers the unsupported features in Boxer for the current beta that we will be supporting in future releases as well as the known limitations from IBM which are dependent on IBM for their resolution. Some quick troubleshooting checks on obvious issues are listed for resolving some basic issues.

Out of Scope Features in this Android Boxer Beta

Component Description Comments
Boxer Authentication Certificate based authentication and Two Factor authentication will not be supported in this Boxer beta. Boxer users need to use basic authentication credentials. Planned to be supported in future Boxer releases
Email Email classification feature is not recommended to be used as it is pending verification for Boxer-Lotus. Planned to be supported in future beta builds
Calendar Deleting all day event spanning multiple days deletes only one instance of the event Planned to be supported in future beta builds
Contacts The right sequence may not be maintained while syncing Contact E-Mail values(Home, Work, Other) created on Boxer with Domino server Planned to be supported in future Boxer releases


IBM Traveler (v9.0.1) Limitations in Android Boxer 

Component Description IBM Limitation Excerpt IBM URL
General Boxer S/MIME, Information rights management, Domino encrypted content, To-Dos and Journal sync are not supported  These features are not available over ActiveSync in IBM Traveler  
Email Search is limited to the data on the device. Search with attachment name is not supported "Server search makes an Exchange ActiveSync search request to the server for mail with the criteria the user defines. IBM Traveler currently treats all searches as name look-ups and, as a result, does not return anything the device expects." Link
Email Fails to send large attachments beyond the size configured in the Domino server "Domino Web server does impose a default size limit of 10 MB to requests and POSTS flowing through the HTTP server, and these settings can indeed effect that size of attachments sent from mobile devices." Link
Email Emails forwarded from non-lotus servers containing hyperlinks and linkified numbers or texts are garbled/overlapped(example Webex or Skype for Business meeting details)    
Calendar Forwarding the invite email from the inbox list view will not forward the calendar event Forward event is not supported in IBM Traveler   
Calendar Meetings created from the device with the 'All-day' option are modified to start at 4am and end at 8pm "An All-day event does not provide a start and end time selection. IBM® Notes does not support this type of All-day event as a meeting." Link
Calendar Changing the 'All-day' option setting for an existing event is not supported  " Modifying the 'All-day' value from the device results in IBM Traveler rejecting the change and restoring the event to its prior state on the device." Link
Calendar Changing the repeat settings of an already created event is not supported. If the repeat settings are changed, then the event gets converted to an infinite event "Notes does not allow you to change the repeat setting for a calendar entry after it has been created."  Link
Calendar Private Meeting invites received from Exchange Outlook shows a text which reads "This document is set to prohibit copying and duplicating" along with the HTML content.    
Calendar Subject of the calendar invite mail received from non-Lotus server contains garbled value.    
Contacts  'Office location' field updated in Boxer contacts, is not reflecting in the Lotus web client. Domino server does not support 'office location' field  


Troubleshooting Pointers

Issue Description Quick checks to be performed Steps for resolution
Upon organiser rescheduling a single occurrence event and recipient accepting the invite, the changed event is not reflected in the recipient's Boxer calendar

1. Open Boxer, Goto dropdown on top left corner, Check the icon shown against your enterprise email account. 

2. It should not show 'E' in the icon. 

If the icon shows 'E', then the Boxer was configured with an older build of Boxer. Please un-install and do a fresh installation of Boxer beta build with Lotus support






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