(Beta2) Android Agent 8.0 - Resolved/Known Issues

Resolved Issues

  • AAGNT-181718 - KME - Device is getting unlocked before enrollment is completed when using Standard Staging User
  • AAGNT-181453 - Required app is getting uninstalled after reapplying app control profile and reinstalling the app.
  • AAGNT-181426 - Pulse secure Per app VPN is not working in AFW
  • AAGNT-181418 - Huawei devices aren't redirected to play store to download service
  • AAGNT-181690 - Required Apps can be uninstalled if those are enabled as system apps as well for AfW Enrolled devices.
  • AAGNT-179885 - Android - Samsung Tablets prompts for passcode reset after reboot
  • AAGNT-180690 - Android Rugged - Wifi with certificate authentication fails to connect
  • AAGNT-180548 - Xplore D10 certificate does not bind with wifi when silently installed
  • AAGNT-180564 - Android - "Grace Period For Passcode Change" setting does not work
  • AAGNT-178377 - Application control fails to implement the Whitelist App Group successfully on Rugged Android Devices
  • AAGNT-180691 - Incorrect behavior of Whitelist & Application Control profile on Xperia devices
  • AAGNT-181668 - Relay App crashes while creating BUMP Settings on non-NFC devices.
  • AAGNT-180895 - Enterprise Factory Reset Protection is disabled on deleting the restriction profile.
  • AAGNT-181149 - AFW Rugged: MX Service is not listed in Agent home page for AFW DO mode.
  • AAGNT-181278 - AFW Removing Application Control Profile can disable a public Application
  • AAGNT-181311 - Universal Sideload staging shows only Group ID entry unlike earlier agents where we could edit username/passwords
  • AAGNT-181123 - Phone permission is not silently enabled for Native Email client on Samsung S8 device
  • AAGNT-181504 - Enterprise Wipe Protection is not working for multiple accounts.
  • AAGNT-181502 - Permissions Profile should be shown 'Not supported' for Lollipop enrolled devices.
  • AAGNT-181444 - Permissions Profile status is shown as 'not supported' though profile applies on the device.
  • AAGNT-181432 - Pause/Resume enabled Job logs information is not updated accurately
  • AAGNT-181429 - 'Products' and 'Files and Actions' page title should be changed to respective pages.
  • AAGNT-181363 - Use of Wrong Operator in String Comparison in VpnUtility:613
  • AAGNT-181360 - Improper Resource Shutdown or Release in EnrollmentMessage
  • AAGNT-181361 - Use of Wrong Operator in String Comparison in LGManager:786
  • AAGNT-181740 - Application Control profile not applied to LG device with LG version 6.0+
  • AAGNT-181565 - Certificate shows installed on Console when it's deleted manually from device
  • AAGNT-180512 - Localization is not getting applied for "Email Password" string
  • AAGNT-181065 - Sony: Error in installing WiFi Certificate


Known Issues

  •  AAGNT-181776 - Installed superuser apps not causing compromise detection wipe
  • AAGNT-181272 - EFOTA command to set the available firmware update as the latest fails
  • AAGNT-181370 - AFW Rugged: TC51 M: All Provisioning Custom Attributes are not displayed in Console when MX service is installed in the device
  • AAGNT-181369 - AFW Rugged: All Identity Custom Attributes are not displayed in Console without MX service install
  • AAGNT-181280 - Persistance not working as expected for Application and FileActions
  • AAGNT-181731 - KNOX asking to set up password twice
  • AAGNT-181095 - AFW Rugged: Launcher is not set to Default automatically even though MX service is installed
  • AAGNT-181583 - Unable to create folder, rename file, rename folder in external sdcard path
  • AAGNT-181761 - Product job fails when Agent upgrade via App product, although Agent is upgraded
  • AAGNT-181698 - [KME] Agent completes enrollment even after declining KLMS EULA
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