KB Digest for the week of September 11th 2017

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Posted on September 18th, 2017


Product Announcements

Introducing VMware AirWatch® SDK for iOS

Created on Sep 11, 2017


Introducing VMware AirWatch® Container 3.6 for Android 

Created on Sep 12, 2017


Introducing AirWatch Agent 3.6.6 for Windows Phone 

Created on Sep 12, 2017


Removal of Auto Discovery Basic Authentication Option

Created on Sep 15, 2017


Notification for SaaS customers utilizing RMS 4.1

Created on Sep 14, 2017


Known Issues

IAGNT-168997: When “Forgot Passcode?” option is selected in SAML environment, user not able to enter credentials

Created on Sep 13, 2017


AAPP-3689: Application installation remains in waiting state on device after acknowledging InstallApplication command

Created on Sep 13, 2017


AMST-2634: Device is marked as non-compliant when password is present on device and passcode profile not set via OMA device management

Created on Sep 14, 2017


Getting Started

How to Manage Team Members in myAirWatch

Created on Sep 8, 2017

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