Android Workspace ONE - Known Issues

  • Intermittent crash: If internet is switch off while enrolling using the legacy enrollment mode, WS1 sometimes crashes.
    • Frequency: Intermittent.
    • Details: If the device loses internet connectivity right before legacy enrollment is completed, WS1 sometimes crashes.
  • Aborting enrollment can sometimes cause app to get stuck on loading screen
    • Frequency: Intermittent.
    • Details: If the user aborts the enrollment process on the Android for Work setup step, intermittently the app gets stuck and the user will continue to see the loading animation when they re-enter the app.
    • Steps to fix: If the user is stuck in this state, the user will need to uninstall and re-install the app.
  • Recommended app download screen disappears if WS1 app is put in the background and then launched again
    • Details: When on the recommended apps screen, if the user puts the Workspace ONE app in the background - the user will not see the recommended apps page when they relaunch the app.
  • If the user switches to a different app in Play Store, Workspace ONE will not re-direct to the Agent
    • Details: As part of legacy enrollment flow, WS1 will redirect the user to download AirWatch Agent from the Play Store. If after being redirected, the user switches from Agent to another application and then goes back to WS1. WS1 will not redirect to the Agent on the PlayStore but will take the user back to the previous app they viewed.


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