Introducing VMware AirWatch® Agent 7.3 for Android

The VMware AirWatch® team is excited to announce that AirWatch Agent 7.3 for Android is publicly available.

What’s New in this App Version

Core Android:

  • AAGNT-179512: Significant improvements to Product Provisioning processing, logging, and all conditions.

Android for Work:

  • AAGNT-180192: Agent reports Wi-Fi MAC address for Work Managed devices running Android 7.0+.
  • AAGNT-180347: Removes the certificate picker prompt when VPN and email clients request a certificate for authentication to provide a better end user experience. This update requires VPN and email client support.


  • AAGNT-179710: Added ability to reboot device through a Product Provisioning File/Action. This update requires Huawei Service v1.0.

Bugs Fixed in this App Version

  • AAGNT-179566: Resolved issue where AirWatch Agent crashes during enrollment on Huawei Mate 9 devices.
  • AAGNT-178129: Resolved issue where Restrictions profile sets GPS Location Mode to 'Battery saving' as default on Zebra devices.
  • AAGNT-180509: Resolved issue where device wipe fails on LG devices.
  • AAGNT-180548: Resolved issue where Xplore D10 certificate does not bind with Wi-Fi when the certificate is silently installed.
  • AAGNT-180628: Resolved issue where fingerprint authentication is not disabled inside KNOX on Android 7.0 devices.
  • AAGNT-180691: Resolved issue with incorrect behavior of whitelist and Application Control profile on Xperia devices.
  • AAGNT-180539: Resolved issue where global proxy does not get applied.
  • AAGNT-180199: Resolved issue where Wi-Fi (TLS) certificate profile is not working on some devices.
  • AAGNT-179219: Resolved issue where 'Make password visible' setting gets reset on re-applying passcode profile.
  • AAGNT-179679: Resolved issue where new sim card information is not received after swapping the sim card on Android devices.
  • AAGNT-179546: Resolved issue where whitelisted apps policy is not removed when application control profile is deactivated.
  • AAGNT-178377: Resolved issue where application whitelist not working properly on Zebra devices.
  • AAGNT-180770: Resolved issue where device IMEI does not update for Panasonic FZ-B2D devices.
  • AAGNT-180734: Resolved issue where app install with direct prompt does not work on MC40 devices.
  • AAGNT-180310: Resolved issue where Wi-Fi profile is not installed on devices on one specific organization group.
  • AAGNT-180693: Resolved issue where ‘Deny’ rule does not block all hostnames if same package name is specified.
  • AAGNT-180887: Resolved issue where email is not removed as expected on LG devices (Requires LG Service v2.2).
  • AAGNT-180837: Resolved issue where leaving 'Allow SD Card Access' restriction unchecked is not working on Honeywell CT50 MM devices.
  • AAGNT-180834: Resolved issue where whitelist application control profile is not configuring properly to Honeywell devices.
  • AAGNT-181220: Resolved issue where Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment invalid credentials loop and restrictions removed before enrollment completes.
  • AAGNT-181071: Resolved issue where Honeywell CT50 continues to prompt for password to install certificates.
  • AAGNT-181005: Resolved issue where email with certificated based authentication not working as expected inside KNOX on Galaxy S6 Active devices (requires OS update).
  • AAGNT-181329: Resolved issued where browser restrictions is not working on Samsung Nougat devices.
  • AAGNT-181327: Resolved issue where Launcher is not removed after unenroll on Zebra devices.
  • AAGNT-181049: Android - Multiple Profile and App Install Commands Queued

Known Issues

  • AAGNT-180791: Devices are not reporting back the correct security patch level to the AirWatch Console.
  • AAGNT-180838: Deployed certificates are not properly displayed or selectable in the Knox container.
  • AAGNT-180723: SAFE 5.5+ Firewall reroute rule does not reroute traffic to destination IP.
  • AAGNT-180867: OS Upgrade (Auto-install Flow) on Honeywell Devices is not working as expected.
  • AAGNT-180094: OS Upgrade action fails on Honeywell CT50 through Files/Actions - MDM OS Upgrade.
  • AAGNT-180828: Honeywell CT50 MM: Restriction 'Allow Bluetooth' unchecked is not working.
  • AAGNT-180827: Honeywell CT50 MM: Restriction 'Allow USB Debugging' unchecked is not working.
  • AAGNT-180802: Zebra - Launcher application is not set as default after enterprise reset.
  • AAGNT-181166: Device at a lower organization group receives Launcher version set at a parent organization group.

Customer Impact

Take advantage of these updates by meeting the minimum requirements and downloading AirWatch Agent 7.3 for Android. 

Minimum Requirements

  • Android 4.0 or higher
  • AirWatch v8.4+

How to Download AirWatch Agent 7.3 for Android

  • Prior Version is Installed –The application seamlessly updates over the existing application version without disrupting device enterprise functionality.
  • Prior Version is Not Installed – Direct users to download it from the Google Play Store.

Support Contact Information

To open a Support Request, please call your local AirWatch support line or submit a Support Request via myAirWatch.


Best Regards,

The AirWatch Team

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