Resolved Issues for Android Content Locker 3.9

ASCL-173925 Unable to download files in 0365 repo
ASCL-173884 End-User License Agreement - Special characters displayed for Quotation marks
ASCL-173883 Unable to open a file in 3rd party app from CL
ASCL-173882 Importing macro files via attachments/sdcard
ASCL-173870 Allow open in 3rd party apps for personal content fails on Android 7.x devices.
ASCL-173803 Console -- Content does not deleted from the device even after delete from console
ASCL-173783 Problem rendering Generated PDF in Android Content Locker
ASCL-173782 Links in Pdf file are not working
ASCL-173629 Console issue: when DB is taken offline, CL Crash on launch
ASCL-173478 Mixpanel: Number of Folders and Files set to 0 on initial view of Google Drive
ASCL-173106 UI issues with File sharing options in Personal Content
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