Known Issues for Android Agent 8.0 + OEM Services

  • AAGNT-181718 - KME - Device is getting unlocked before enrollment is completed when using Standard Staging User
  • AAGNT-181095 - AFW Rugged: Launcher is not set to Default automatically even though MX service is installed
  • AAGNT-181370 - AFW Rugged: TC51 M: All Provisioning Custom Attributes are not displayed in Console when MX service is installed in the device
  • AAGNT-181369 - AFW Rugged: All Identity Custom Attributes are not displayed in Console without MX service install
  • AAGNT-181283 - Rugged: Active network WiFi SSID Configured correctly but not connecting automatically
  • AAGNT-181272 - EFOTA command to set the available firmware update as the latest fails
  • AAGNT-181651 - Folder's data is getting cleared on performing Copy file through File/Action if destination path does not include filename
  • AAGNT-181583 - Unable to create folder, rename file, rename folder in external sdcard path
  • AAGNT-181280 - Persistance not working as expected for Application and FileActions
  • AAGNT-181426 - Pulse secure Per app VPN is not working in AFW
  • AAGNT-181690 - Required Apps can be uninstalled if those are enabled as system apps as well for AfW Enrolled devices.
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