Known Issues for Android Content Locker 3.9

ASCL-173932 Hebrew in PDF is not displaying correctly
ASCL-173928 App is crashing while sending an email from boxer and view in CL and vice versa
ASCL-173924 Redirect to MS Azure RMS for repository authentication instead of customer’s internal RMS
ASCL-173914 Not able to upload picture in user hub using camera and through import from library
ASCL-173913 Blank screen is displayed while  tapping on back button in SP app auth screen .
ASCL-173917 Watermarked PDF displays as no watermark
ASCL-173904 Crash while clicking on drop down  option in xlsm files
ASCL-173900 Crash while opening an office IRM file from SD card in android O device.
ASCL-173877 File in the list disappears while switching between the Pause/Resume in the downloads tab
ASCL-173758 Attachments with context in Thai Language not shown correctly
ASCL-173733 Standalone enrollment does not support compliance policy
ASCL-173715 Not able to access IRM files and Google drive when proxy is enabled.
ASCL-173713 Cannot extract the contents of a file with Japanese file name in a zip file, when the zip file contains multiple files.
ASCL-173660 Displays Reversed Hebrew Text
ASCL-173653 Unable to view non-office IRM files in N device.
ASCL-173524 Download starts from beginning instead of resuming,on killing and relaunching CL.
ASCL-173498 Crash seen when enabling the geo-location
ASCL-173370 Pixel phone camera display is pinched  
ASCL-173367 User is allowed to email in personal content without email being whitelisted, but inside documents this is not an issue.
ASCL-173366 Gdrive will not prompt for file with same name when trying to save
ASCL-173362 If no 3rd party app is whitelisted for unsupported file type(Epub) content locker is not allowing save option from AWSEC files.
ASCL-173346 Updates are not getting deleted from updates tab
ASCL-173326 Only few files are visible in extracted folder/ Uploads are not visible until page is manually refreshed
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