Resolved Issues for iOS Content Locker 4.9

  • ISCL-175993 Unable to open the files into third party apps
  • ISCL-175847 Error message pertaining to admin restriction for document opening in 3rd party app disappears
  • ISCL-175679 Unable to select all the images while importing into
  • ISCL-175646 Displays Reversed Hebrew Text
  • ISCL-175715 Crash while trying to open a PPTX file
  • ISCL-175714 Unable to download from SharePoint O365 ADFS repository
  • ISCL-175895 Some content within a form in a .doc file is missing when viewing
  • ISCL-175804 Content does not show as deleted after delete from console if remaining on the same page.
  • ISCL-175785 Audio and Video stops playing in .mp4 videos
  • ISCL-175735 Crash when tap magnifying glass icon at top level repository
  • ISCL-175730 Manual User repositories shows up as Access Restricted in Doc Extensions
  • ISCL-175612 When user edits a file then clicks exit and saves document as new file, the document should not reopen
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