Resolved Issues for Android Agent 8.0 + OEM Services

  • AAGNT-181418 - Huawei devices aren't redirected to play store to download service
  • AAGNT-181330 - Some call restrictions not working
  • AAGNT-181426 - Pulse secure Per app VPN is not working in AFW
  • AAGNT-178377 - Application control fails to implement the Whitelist App Group successfully on Rugged Android Devices
  • AAGNT-180690 - Android Rugged - Wifi with certificate authentication fails to connect
  • AAGNT-180564 - Android - "Grace Period For Passcode Change" setting does not work
  • AAGNT-180512 - Localization is not getting applied for "Email Password" string
  • AAGNT-180548 - Xplore D10 certificate does not bind with wifi when silently installed
  • AAGNT-179885 - Android - Samsung Tablets prompts for passcode reset after reboot
  • AAGNT-181123 - Phone permission is not silently enabled for Native Email client on Samsung S8 device
  • AAGNT-181278 - AFW Removing Application Control Profile can disable a public Application
  • AAGNT-180691 - Incorrect behavior of Whitelist & Application Control profile on Xperia devices
  • AAGNT-178129 - Default Restrictions Profile sets GPS Location Mode to 'Battery saving' on Zebra device
  • AAGNT-179969 - Notifications On Keyguard Screen restriction disables Camera restriction On Keyguard Screen
  • AAGNT-178964 - Samsung device gets stuck in EULA progress screen if we switch to another application from the Samsung Privacy Policy screen.
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