Introducing VMware Boxer 4.7 for Android

The VMware AirWatch® team is excited to announce that VMware Boxer 4.7 for Android is publicly available.

What’s New in this App Version

  • BINXA-4603: Hyperlink policy support
  • BINXA-5355: Attachment policy for external sources
  • BINXA-5219: Modern authentication for Office 365
  • BINXA-5203: Navigation drawer redesign
  • BINXA-1330: Ability to hide calendars in Boxer without affecting system visibility
  • BINXA-5138: Change password prompt should stay on the screen until clicked or password is changed
  • BINXA-5177: Enhance debug logs

Bugs Fixed in this App Version

  • BINXA-5337: Boxer crashes when editing an event without contacts permission
  • BINXA-5194: Update privacy policy link
  • BINXA-5185: App crash in crashlytics
  • BINXA-5283: Crash when saving account settings
  • BINXA-5238: Unable to fetch exchange server details in Android O device
  • BINXA-5263: Automatic reconfiguration after wipe due to max wrong passcode attempts
  • BINXA-5231: Boxer crashes when refreshing OAuth token
  • BINXA-5285: App crashes when user tries to send calendar meeting response
  • BINXA-4960: Unable to launch Boxer on Android O Beta
  • BINXA-4181: Contacts display issue
  • BINXA-3878: Boxer randomly loses DB key and crashes
  • BINXA-5338: Unencrypted files on disk when syncing/sending mail
  • BINXA-4592: Boxer crashes and cannot be configured on Xiaomi device
  • BINXA-5326: After enterprise wipe, Boxer prompts for passcode
  • BINXA-5386: Session is not shared between Boxer and Browser apps enrolled via Agent
  • BINXA-5286: ‘View in Calendar’ crashes the app
  • BINXA-5205: Boxer cannot connect to full SEG URL
  • BINXA-5163: Boxer crashes when selecting 'SHOW MORE' button under Files after device orientation change
  • BINXA-5151: Boxer crashes when ‘Take photo’ option for a new contact is selected
  • BINXA-4460: ‘Remove from calendar’ button has no effect on canceled occurrences in series
  • BINXA-4971: App crashes when deleting all Contacts
  • BINXA-4162: Boxer sends multiple duplicate emails
  • BINXA-4930: PolicySMIME = 0 installs certificates and displays S/MIME settings
  • BINXA-4818: IRM icon is not displayed in the compose toolbar
  • BINXA-449: Reply source inserted above and outside <html> and <body> tags
  • BINXA-4331: Boxer stops syncing new emails and uses excessive data
  • BINXA-4282: Attachment file is missing for the forwarded email
  • BINXA-4961: App crashes when clicking files overflow button while searching on Files
  • BINXA-4948: Modify how S/MIME email's header details are displayed
  • BINXA-5130: Calendar not able to sync when ActiveSync 16.1 is used
  • BINXA-5146: Calendar widget is empty after app update
  • BINXA-4710: Email text displaying as links on Samsung devices
  • BINXA-5053: Emails received with double ‘@’ signs, the receiver is displayed as 'me'
  • BINXA-5322: App is crashing while accessing contacts
  • BINXA-4736: Incorrect formatting of email content
  • BINXA-4514: App does not display inline images while opening .eml attachment

Customer Impact

Take advantage of these updates by meeting the minimum requirements and downloading VMware Boxer 4.7 for Android. 

Minimum Requirements

  • Android 4.2 or higher
  • AirWatch Console 8.3 FP5 or higher

How to Download VMware Boxer 4.7 for Android

  • Prior Version is Installed – Direct end users to update the app when prompted. The application seamlessly updates over the existing application version without disrupting device enterprise functionality.
  • Prior Version is Not Installed – Direct end users to download it from the Google Play Store.

Support Contact Information

To open a Support Request, please call your local AirWatch support line or submit a Support Request via myAirWatch.


Best Regards,

The AirWatch Team

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