Introducing AirWatch 9.1.4

The VMware Workspace ONE Team is excited to announce that AirWatch 9.1.4 is now publicly available and available for download in My Workspace ONE.

Software Delivery Notification

SDN # - AW_9.1.4

Release - 9.1

Review a list of added features and the bugs fixed in the latest release of AirWatch.

  • AAPP-3270: Resolved Activation lock bypass code expiration that prevented Device Wipe commands from being executed on iOS 11 devices.
  • AAPP-3542: Enhanced Bootstrap Package deployment effective time setting to ignore admin's time zone and register as "Now" to avoid deployment delays.
  • AGGL-1663: Fixed an issue where the AirWatch system did not transfer the app config type "Boolean" in the XML to devices when applied and deployed for public and purchased applications.
  • AMST-2998: Resolved silent enrollment completion issues due to DeviceServices changes.
  • APC-786: Fixed an issue that occurred when the admin enabled sharing for Boxer and could not whitelist and add more than a few applications.
  • ARES-3354: Fixed an issue where the system prevented the editing of device profiles (like cellular and proxy profiles) for iOS devices after upgrading to the latest version of AirWatch.
  • ARES-3323: Resolved timeout issues with assigning internal apps to large deployments.
  • CMCM-187344: Resolved Content Locker duplicating User repository after each sync.
  • CMCM-187272: Resolved enterprise content sproc timeouts due to missing or incomplete Device ID fields.
  • CMEM-183663: Location Group ID can be accessed from the Device table using a direct query instead of a stored procedure.
  • CMEM-183725: EAS Device Type is pre-populated for VMware Boxer while creating MEM device ID 
  • CMEM-183851: Global semaphore fixed to reduce the number of KCD calls
  • CMSVC-3566: AirWatch code has been updated to account for the updates to Microsoft Office 365 APIs.
  • CMSVC-3308: Fixed an issue ceasing the initiation of an LDAP synchronize process when an existing directory user registers a new device.
  • CMSVC-3380: Fixed an issue affecting API calls to register device requiring the LocationGroupID.
  • CRSVC-2208: Fixed an issue on SOAP API settings page, replacing a lengthy and grammatically incorrect hypertext string.
  • CRSVC-2255: Fixed an issue when the ACC is processing a certificate request, the ACC it fails to publish the private key on the endpoint.
  • ENS-416: ENS retrieves device information of devices with new Boxer configuration in the subsequent delta sync.
  • FBI-177602: Fixed an issue that caused several reports to fail and display the Try Again status immediately.
  • FCA-183384: Fixed an issue affecting database performance by streamlining the sproc SKUPool_Load.
  • FCA-183242: Fixed an issue resulting in very slow load times while invoking User List and Device List.
  • FDB-977: Enhanced search performance for database queries to avoid timeouts.
  • FDB-940: Enhanced old record purging in the database to improve call performance.
  • FCA-183300: Enhanced non-compliant device display in "Devices without required apps" graph in the Admin Console.
  • FDB-953: Improved User List View load time in the Admin Console.
  • FDB-875: Improved Interrogator Batch purge performance.
  • FSEC-182906: Enhanced Knowledge Base article link behavior to open links in a new window.
  • PPAT-2243: Fixed an issue where VMware Tunnel traffic rules failed to include Android application rules.
  • RUGG-2945: Fixed an issue affecting offline provisioning with dynamic custom attribute profiles.
  • RUGG-3184: Fixed an issue involving naming relay servers with more than 50 characters.
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