AirWatch 9.2: Take Action for Public and Volume Purchase Program (VPP) Applications not assigned to Groups

New Feature: Flex Deployment

With the release of AirWatch 9.2, the AirWatch Console will extend the Flexible Deployment workflow to assign public, as well as Purchased applications. This workflow is already leveraged in the AirWatch Console for internal applications. The Flexible Deployment feature requires that all relevant applications have at least one assignment record to an assignment group.

Currently, admins can add a public application and set policies for the application without assigning the application to an assignment group. This is done on the Assignment tab. The newest design moves this tab and its options to the flexible deployment process. Admins must assign the application to an assignment group to save the public application.




Admins are impacted by the feature if they have application policies configured for public and VPP (also called Purchased) applications that they have not assigned to groups. The feature does not retain policies like application configuration and per-app-VPN setup for unassigned apps. Admins will lose configurations and policies set in public and VPP applications that are not assigned to assignment groups.


Alert: Action may be required for unassigned applications

Admins have several options to mitigate the anticipated impact before upgrading to the future version of the AirWatch Console that implements the Flexible Deployment feature for Public and Purchased applications.

  • Admins who want to retain these policies can take the listed actions.
    • Assign all relevant applications to their respective assignment groups, or
    • Create an empty temporary assignment group and assign all relevant applications to it.
  • Admins who are not concerned with losing policies do not need to act. After upgrading to this future version of AirWatch, reconfigure those applications with the former policies.


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