Email Management (Fig)

S/MIME Lookup via Secure Email Gateway (V2)

Simplify establishing S/MIME trust for mail recipients by integrating with an LDAP repository of S/MIME certificates. With SEG providing this integration, trust can be established on first email without the typical exchange of keys.

S/MIME lookup can be enabled in the Advanced settings for SEG. Supply the LDAP path to the S/MIME repository, any credentials necessary to authenticate to the repository, and the attribute for the user certificate.



Admin UI for Secure Email Gateway (V2)

The improved V2 platform of SEG boasts 4x performance over the Classic SEG and uses the updated REST APIs for communication with AW. Check out the new Admin interface for enhanced logging and diagnostics, accessible locally on the SEG at http(s)://localhost:44444/seg/admin.

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