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  • Flexible Android Enterprise deployment
    • To enable Android Enterprise pilots and staged rollouts, AirWatch now supports the ability to disable Android Enterprise at specific organization groups. For more granular control, it is possible to limit Android Enterprise enrollments to specific users or devices, based on user group membership or device model/ OS.
    • To enable this feature, navigate to Settings > Android > Android for Work > Enrollment Restrictions.



  • Single app mode support
    • AirWatch supports Google's Corporate Owned Single Use (COSU) ( feature set
    • This enables administrators to whitelist specific applications that are allowed to be locked into single app mode, to meet kiosk and digital signage use cases.
    • This feature is configured as part of the "Single App Mode" payload when adding a new Android for Work profile.
  • Deploy Internal apps hosted in AirWatch to Work Managed devices
    • For devices running Android 6.0+ enrolled into work managed mode, internal apps can be deployed directly through AirWatch without hosting in Play. Simply upload the apk under the Internal app tab in the Apps & Books section of the console.
  • Zebra Stage Now Barcode Enrollment
    • Enroll Zebra Kitkat (4.4) or higher devices with Zebra’s Stage Now client without having to leave the AirWatch console or use a separate tool.  From the Staging & Provisioning > Staging page, select a Staging package and choose the new “Stage Now Barcode” option to configure and generate the barcode. 
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