Workspace ONE App (Fig)

  • Test Existing Workflows with store apps:
    • It is encouraged to test current deployment workflows of Workspace ONE (as they pertain to AirWatch integration) with the Fig Beta of the AirWatch console. While the next app release will not occur until later in Q4, testing the current app store build with Fig will help to ensure no unexpected behavior is observed.
    • Note: if an IDM tenant is created for the purposes of Fig Beta, only AirWatch related features will be supported. Web App SSO, Conditional Access, Horizon Integration, and other IDM specific features are out of scope for this beta. 
  • Improve Device Registration (first time login) performance by disabling real time user group sync: 
    • If your deployment does not require a check for user group membership as part of enrollment (via Agent) or device registration (via Workspace ONE), disable this unnecessary real time check by navigating to System Settings > Devices and Users > General > Enrollment > Grouping, and updating the "Sync User Groups in Real Time for Workspace ONE" setting.
    • Examples of when this setting should be enabled include:
      • Users are created real time as devices register/enroll, and user group mapping is used for device placement and app assignment. 
    • Examples when this can be disabled include:
      • Users (and their user group membership) exist at the time of registration/enrollment. It is not required to confirm user group membership (or pull user group membership for a new user) real time.
  • Additional features to be available as part of the Q4 app release, but not available for testing with Fig Beta:
    • Direct Enrollment:
      • Enrollment Settings now include a "Require MDM for Workspace ONE" option that will automatically prompt and require end users to enroll upon successful login to Workspace ONE. Assignment for direct enrollment is based on user group and platform (iOS, Legacy Android, and Android Enterprise). Once enrollment is complete, end users will also have the option to choose in bulk which automatic apps to install, as opposed to past workflows where app installation has to be declined on a per app basis.
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