Chrome OS (Fig)

  • Play and Chrome Web Store Management
  • Kiosk and Digital Signage
    • Easily set up Chrome Apps and Extensions to operate in Kiosk mode. It is also possible to apply a policy to showcase different content at different dates/ times. You can be confident that the right content is being displayed by the device at any time by capturing a screenshot remotely to view within the AirWatch console.
  • Access control and Data Loss Prevention
    • Ensure that your corporate data is protected by restricting login to users from your domain and disabling guest mode. Additionally, apply a policy to remove all local data upon user log out to ensure that user privacy is protected, particularly in shared device scenarios.
  • Customize the end user experience
    • A wide range of policies can be applied to ensure your end users get the most out of their Chromebook.
    • Create bookmarks and group them into a folder to provide end users easy access to top intranet links within the Chrome browser.
    • Configure how the device behaves when it is connected to power or running on battery to help users conserve battery, or ensure an 'always on' experience when deploying the Chrome OS device as a kiosk.
    • Cookies can be shared from the login screen to chrome apps when utilizing SAML for login. This feature enables users to login in just once while signing into the Chromebook and automatically get signed into their apps.
    • Control the browsing experience by creating URL blacklists or whitelists and disabling incognito mode
  • Unified experience with Workspace ONE
    • Provide end users a consistent catalog experience, regardless of platform, through Workspace ONE. Windows applications can also be supported through VMware Horizon 7 and VMware Horizon Cloud virtual desktops and applications. Additionally, Workspace ONE delivers Chromebook users simple single sign-on (SSO) across all their applications, enabling a secure digital workspace to take their business applications wherever they go.
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