Windows (Fig)

  •  Automated First-Launch Enrollment
    • With this solution, IT can provide end users with choice of device and choice of applications. This solution allows organizations to move away from the complexities of Imaging and provide a lower cost, more secure and better end user experience for the business units they support.

  • Dell BIOS Integration
    • Customers can set and modify BIOS settings over the air, without having physical access to the computer. This feature allows them to modify and collect security, power, connectivity and asset settings. Leveraging the Dell Command Monitor utility, admins have a simple UI and will be able to create pro-active rules that prevent PC failures, thus eliminating end user downtime.
  • Support for different Bitlocker Encryption methods
    • Admins can pick the encryption algorithm to be applied on the device. Admins can choose one of the following to be applied: System Default Algorithm, XTS AES 128, XTS AES 256, AES CBS 128, AES CBS 256.
  • Support for Local User Password reset
    • This feature allows Admins to reset password of a local user from the console.
  • Support for Windows device models 
    • Enhancements now available across Enrollment, Compliance, Smart Groups, Device Details to display and provide device models that can be used for improved visibility and management.


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