Android Boxer - Resolved Issues


Resolved Issues in v4.14.0.11 (Delivered on 18th)

  • Fixed app crash on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4
  • Fixed sent items showing senders name instead of recipient name

Resolved Issues in v4.14.0.3

BINXA-4897: Scrolling within an extremely wide table or table without gridlines shouldn't be done within the table

BINXA-7135: Does not show as "Me" when the current recipient is a part of the conversation

BINXA-7100: App crash when click "Share" contact in email view

BINXA-6658: Does not show keyboard automatically on Add people screen

BINXA-7129: Boxer - Calendar acceptance with option "response without comments" not working as expected.

BINXA-7360: Crash when calling meeting with no call permissions

BINXA-6940: Quick responses are not considered as part of conversations

BINXA-6623: Boxer - newly created contacts are saved into "Suggested Contacts" when language is Czech

BINXA-1399: The cursor moves from subject to “To” field when changing the orientation of the device

BINXA-7574: GAL Search: Boxer is crashing while trying to add attendees to calendar event

BINXA-7405: Remove notification action icons from calendar notifications

BINXA-7207: Boxer is crashing while trying to decrypt an email when certs are not available.

BINXA-7279: Subfolder Contacts not getting synced

BINXA-7360: Crash when calling meeting with no call permissions

BINXA-7423: Crash on Boxer Un-enroll

BINXA-7286: Boxer is crashing after reporting an Email

BINXA-7437: Boxer is crashing when email contains 60+ users in cc and save them as draft.

BINXA-5974: Android Boxer not dialing conference ID when sent from MAC Skype for Business plugin





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