Android Boxer - Resolved Issues

Additional Resolved issues in v4.15.0.31 (Available as of August 6th)

  • Updating a domain name in the config causes the app to get stuck in an authentication loop

Additional Resolved issues in v4.15.0.31 (Available as of August 2nd)

  • BINXA-8020: When increasing the device font size the email list view cuts off text
  • BINXA-7984: Boxer gets stuck in authentication loop after changing console configuration (EmailUsername is changed)
  • BINXA-7991: Boxer shows "Awaiting automatic configuration" indefinitely when account is changed from console

Additional Resolved issues in v4.15.0.26 (Available as of July 31st)

  • BINXA-7909: Calendar attachments disappear on changing the recurrence type of a series event
  • BINXA-6780: One specific email cannot be displayed properly
  • BINXA-7981: Editing series event by changing the event subject results in an unnecessary warning prompt
  • BINXA-7777: New CV missing blocked image placeholders
  • BINXA-7911: Emails stuck in outbox
  • BINXA-7631: Android P support

Additional Resolved issues in v4.15.0.20 (Available as of July 26th)

  • BINXA-7838: Meeting invites get sent automatically on app upgrade
  • BINXA-7743: Crash due to too many JobScheduler jobs
  • BINXA-7867: Crashes with SSO
  • BINXA-7907: Reply action from floating action bar in new conversation view replies to wrong email
  • BINXA-7512: After draft is sent, user is taken back to sent draft and has to manually navigate back
  • BINXA-7649: Android Boxer ping failures cause significant delays
  • BINXA-7684: Boxer with Android Enterprise crash after adding a phone number to a contact and trying to view the contact
  • BINXA-3795: IRM policy email received on Boxer is not showing correct policy name
  • BINXA-7415: Android Boxer - Modern Auth fails if username and email address are different
  • BINXA-7891: Android Boxer - Calendar events not syncing to the device
  • BINXA-7827: Android Boxer will not authenticate against the mail server unless the Accept All Certs option is enabled.
  • BINXA-7427: Meeting call status not getting removed from Inbox if we respond to the invite via calendar on Android boxer application


Resolved Issues in v4.15 (

  • BINXA-7649: Android Boxer ping failures cause significant delays
  • BINXA-7122: Crash when searching for a contact

  • BINXA-7813: "Enable device contacts " toggles to the opposite setting when navigating between Settings sub menu

  • BINXA-6960: Connectors display when disabling Mobile Flows while connectors are syncing

  • BINXA-7719: Crash in conversation list after swipe action

  • BINXA-7662: Calendar add attendee screen: Show "Loading directory results" when GAL is in progress.

  • BINXA-7720: Crash when saving/sending draft message

  • BINXA-7795: If Android ringtone picker does not exist then user can't pick ringtone

  • BINXA-7661: Crash while replying to an .eml attachment in the attachment viewer

  • BINXA-7784: Invalid prompt is shown when saving a new all day recurring event

  • BINXA-7787: Talkback: When time picker is in edit text mode and the dialog is dismissed then keyboard still remains

  • BINXA-7789: Disable autofill except for in first time user experience

  • BINXA-7826: Error when deleting attachments for a calendar mailbox.

  • BINXA-6617: Invitees field shows "No Invitees" for an event

  • BINXA-7835: Calendar attachment is not removed when calendar folder is removed from OWA

  • BINXA-6890: Freeze while viewing emails with threads

  • BINXA-6623: Newly created contacts are saved into "Suggested Contacts" when language is Czech

  • BINXA-6185: Change the error message "Meeting not found" on Android Boxer



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