Basic Users will receive Password Reset link in account creation email

With the release of VMware AirWatch v9.1, a Basic User account creation email message contains a link that allows users to reset their account password.  This security feature was implemented to prevent the transmission of account passwords in cleartext over email. 


This new process will apply to the creation of any new Basic Enrollment User, and Admin User accounts.  The new account creation email contains a Password Reset link that users can use to set their new account password.  The Password Reset link is valid for:

  • 24 hours for Enrollment User accounts
  • 48 hours for Admin User accounts

After the link expires, Enrollment Users can still use the "Forgot Password" flow to reset their account password.  However, Admin users will need to receive a new account creation email to be able to reset their password.


Below is a sample Account creation email that a new Basic Enrollment User will receive.



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