Installation Token required for the first upgrade to VMware AirWatch v9.1.2+

As part of a security improvement with the release of AirWatch 9.1, VMware AirWatch added the requirement of an installation token for any new installs.  The new requirements and installation process are outlined in the v9.1 Installation guide on page 45.  This security feature requires the ability to sign into the My Company page in myAirWatch, in order to generate an Installation Token.

With the release of VMware AirWatch 9.1.2, this feature has also been implemented as part of the upgrade process.  Customers upgrading to VMware AirWatch v9.1.2+ for the first time, will be prompted for an installation token as during the upgrade process. Subsequent upgrades to the application server will not require the installation token.


Alert: Customer Action Recommended

AirWatch recommends that customers upgrading to v9.1.2+ from v9.1.1 (or older) ensure that they have access to the myAirWatch My Company page before starting the upgrade.  Customers that are unable to access the page can reach out to their local AirWatch Support team for assistance.


Support Contact Information

If you have any questions, please call your local AirWatch support line or submit a Support Request via myAirWatch

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