Resolved / Known Issues in Android Content Locker 3.7 Beta

Resolved Issues


  • ASCL-173744: Opening a specific PDF with custom font crashes Content Locker
  • ASCL-173741: Unable to open PDF from an internal app
  • ASCL-173740: Rendering issues with specific PDF file
  • ASCL-173662: Particular Japanese characters not being shown on CL
  • ASCL-173518: Date cells for Excel documents are default to US format


Known Issues


  • ASCL-173758: Thai attachments are not rendered correctly – spacing and font issues
  • ASCL-173657 Unable to view AD-RMS protected file if extension is removed from the filename.
  • CTSDK-221 Unable to view non-office RMS protected files on N devices
  • ASCL-172910 - Copy paste not supported for text files.
  • ASCL-173426 - Second import of zip file in to Content Locker does not work
  • ASCL-173108 - Content Locker does not display Japanese file name in zip file correctly
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