Known Issues - Android Agent 7.3 + OEM Services

  • AAGNT-180791: Devices are not reporting back the correct security patch level to the console
  • AAGNT-180838: Deployed certificates sometimes are not properly displayed or selectable in Knox container
  • AAGNT-181071: Honeywell CT50 continues to prompt for password to install cert
  • AAGNT-181005: Email with cert based auth not working as expected inside KNOX on Galaxy S6 Active
  • AAGNT-180723: SAFE 5.5+ Firewall reroute rule does not reroute traffic to destination IP
  • AAGNT-180867: OS Upgrade (Autoinstall Flow) on Honeywell Devices is not working as expected (OS issue)
  • AAGNT-180094: OS Upgrade action fails on Honeywell CT50 through Files/Actions - MDM OS Upgrade (OS issue)
  • AAGNT-180828: Honeywell CT50 MM: Restriction 'Allow Bluetooth' unchecked is not working (OS issue)
  • AAGNT-180827: Honeywell CT50 MM: Restriction 'Allow USB Debugging' unchecked is not working (OS issue)
  • AAGNT-180802: Zebra - after enterprise reset launcher application is not set as default
  • AAGNT-180887: Email not removed as expected on LG devices
  • AAGNT-181166: Device at a lower OG receives Launcher version set at a parent OG


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