Resolved Issues - Android Agent 7.3 + OEM Services

  • AAGNT-179566: Agent crash during enrollment on Huawei Mate 9
  • AAGNT-178129: Default Restrictions Profile sets GPS Location Mode to 'Battery saving' on Zebra device
  • AAGNT-180509: Device Wipe fails on LG
  • AAGNT-180548: Xplore D10 certificate does not bind with wifi when silently installed
  • AAGNT-180628: Android - Fingerprint not disabled inside KNOX on Android 7.0
  • AAGNT-180691: Incorrect behavior of Whitelist & Application Control profile on Xperia devices
  • AAGNT-180539: Global Proxy does not get applied
  • AAGNT-180199: Wifi (TLS) cert profile not working on some devices
  • AAGNT-179219: 'Make password visible' setting gets reset on re-applying passcode profile
  • AAGNT-179679: New sim card Info not received after swapping the sim card on Android device
  • AAGNT-179546: Whitelisted Apps policy is not removed when app control profile is deactivated
  • AAGNT-178377: Application Whitelist not working properly on Zebra Devices
  • AAGNT-180770: Device IMEI does not update for Panasonic FZ-B2D
  • AAGNT-180734: App install via direct prompt does not work on MC40
  • AAGNT-180310: Wi-fi profile not getting installed on devices on one specific OG
  • AAGNT-180723: Above SAFE 5.5 Firewall reroute rule does not reroute traffic to destination IP
  • AAGNT-180693: Deny rule does not block all hostname if same package name is specified
  • AAGNT-180887: Email not removed as expected on LG devices (Requires LG Service v2.2 Beta)
  • AAGNT-180837: Honeywell CT50 MM: Restriction 'Allow SD Card Access' unchecked is not working
  • AAGNT-180834: Honeywell - Whitelist app control profile is not configuring properly to the device
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